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Manual & Auto Renew Subscription

Sometimes things won't go as we plan!

If you happen to deplete all of your credits, you don't need to wait for the next renewal date as you can either purchase one-time add-ons or you can manually renew your subscription.

Manually Renew Your Subscription

From the ScrapingBee dashboard, click on the Upgrade Plan button to view our plans page.

On this page, click on the Renew now! button

You will get a popup with the following message:

You will be charged $599.99 and you subscription will be renewed immediately, any left-over credits will be lost, are you sure?
⚠️ Please DO NOT refresh the page while we process your request.

Click on OK.

Purchasing One-time Add-ons

If you don't want to change your billing cycle, you can purchase one-time add-ons. On the same page, just scroll down and you will be able to see our one-time add-on plans:

Auto Renew

If you never want to go out of credits, and if you are on Business plan or above, then we have an auto-renew feature. From the ScrapingBee dashboard, click on the Account Settings button to reach the Account Information page.

From there, click on the Auto renew button to reach the Automatic early renewal page. On that page, check the checkbox next to Early renew my subscription when running out of credits text. And select one of the following Early renew strategy:

Renew when only this account reach 98% usage
Renew when this account and all my teammates accounts reach 98% usage

Remaining 2% of credits will be carried-over onto the next billing cycle.

After that, click on Update my preferences button to enable the Auto-renew feature.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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