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How to manage your team?

If you are on our Business / Business + plan, you will receive access to our team management feature! 🎉

Our Mange team page will allow you to add a new user, remove a user, and changing allocated credits and max concurrency.

Add a new user

The Mange team page allows you to add new users to your team. The invited user will have their own API key, credit limit, and concurrency limit. Though, they won't be able to invite other users or change your subscription and billing details. You can add up to a maximum of 15 members. To add a new user:

Visit the Manage team page
Enter their Email, First name, Last name, Monthly credits, and Max concurrency
Click on Invite teammate button

You cannot invite a user who already has a ScrapingBee account. Before, sending an invitation, please ask them to delete their account by following these steps.

Remove a user

An invited user can be removed from your team at any time. To remove a user:

Visit the Manage team page
Click on the red button with a trash icon located at the end of the user row
An alert will appear with the text "Do you really want to delete the teammate ?"; Click OK

Changing allocated credits and max concurrency

You can update the available credits and max concurrency of your team members anytime. To update these settings:

Visit the Manage team page
Click on the pencil icon next to Credits and Concurrency values
Enter the desired value
Click on the Update button

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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