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Common proxy questions

Do you provide Mobile/Residential/Data center proxies?
We currently do not provide direct access to ScrapingBee's proxies, however, you can use our premium proxies to perform web scraping tasks through our API. To do that, you'll have to add the parameter premium_proxy=true to your request.

You can also specify a specific geolocation for the proxy using the parameter country_code, for example, by putting country_code=de you will use the German IP addresses. This option only works with our premium proxies. For more information, click here: Proxies - Documentation.

Note that by using a premium proxy, you will actually be using a residential proxy. While using ScrapingBee without a premium proxy, will be the same as using a data center proxy.

What is proxy mode?
It simply is a proxy front-end to the API. This makes integration with third-party tools easier. The Proxy mode only changes the way you access ScrapingBee, but our API will then handle requests just like any standard direct request. For more information, click here: Documentation - Proxy Mode.

How are proxies distributed?
The proxies' IP addresses are randomly distributed. That means we cannot select one IP address/collection over another, nor alter their order.

Updated on: 08/03/2022

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